does tracy mcgrady’s lazy eye give him better court vision?

ive noticed that tmac is one of the elite passers in the game yet he has the lazy eye, does that make him a better passer? (ive also noticed that steve nash has somewhat of a lazy eye as well, wow)

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  • I doubt it does, but it looks really cool. lol. I never realized that Nash had a lazy eye too...And i dont think T-mac actually has a lazy eye, its just the way his face and eyes are made, it just looks like he has one.

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  • no, that does not make him a better passer and i've seen his passes...they aren't that great..he gets a double team and finds the open's basketball fundamentals. Anyone can do that if they are willing to pass it off.

  • It's deceiving, that's for sure.

    You really can't be sure where's he's eye looking at.

  • 1

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  • yes he does have a lazy eye.

  • he actually has TWO lazy eyes.. its true

  • not when it comes to free throws

  • What the hell did I just read.

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