Does Vicodin lead to a hangover the next morning?

When taken for pain in correct dosage at night.

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  • If you are not used to such a med, yes, you can feel strangely in morning. Try eating a bit of something with the med, such as a soda/graham cracker and milk. Here are a few sites that will help you with ur answer. Good luck and Take care! alphabetized list of meds and their effects, warnings, etc.

    (Vicodin is habit forming)- BUT, if needed for pain, it was prescribed for a true reason!

  • Vicodin Hangover

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Does Vicodin lead to a hangover the next morning?

    When taken for pain in correct dosage at night.

  • Yes, especially if you were in intense pain before you took the vicodin. Your body might have been very tense which made your muscles tight. Anyway, a “hangover” is actually your body going through withdrawal. I’m not saying you have a habit, I’m just saying it’s your body getting back to “normal” after the drug leaves your system. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few months ago, I was awake while they removed them. I did have the nitrous oxide. I felt like a train ran over me the next day. I also took Tylenol 3’s for the pain. So, I say yes. Best of luck!

  • Eat while you are drinking this causes the alcohol to absorb more slowly into your system. It may take more but it definitely helps in the morning. Most importantly DRINK WATER the majority of a hangover in the morning is from being dehydrated. However hangovers cannot be avoided completely because the alcohol is what causes them but these tips will help.

  • I took it (as prescribed) when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and it wasn’t really a hangover, I just fell asleep every time I sat down for 2 days. That is after only one pill!

  • vicodin is a chemical relative of codeine which is made from morphine which is the most potent painkiller which is highly addictive and causes withdrawal symptoms……..vicodin often mimics hangover type feelings even in small doses..but at times is a necessary choice over tooth pain.

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  • Vicodin is very addictive so be careful.

  • Yes it can. But not to the extent that over drinking can (assuming you are being truthful about taking the proper dose).

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