Dope name,new URL on tumblr?

i want a new url to my tumblr. i want a url with the name JAY in it or somethin with my name in it (Josephine). help??

2 Answers

  • What makes a lot easier to come up with a unique, relevant and original tumblr name is to figure out what you will be blogging about most of time. (e.g. a tv series, movie, actor/actress, any other topic). That thing only help you focus on a whole universe of related words and funny phrases that could be a perfect match for your tumblr.

    The article below has more tips to help you pick the right name,

  • to selection tumblr url purely login into your tumblr account . After that bypass to placing and alter url. besides the fact that, you may commerce your url with the aid of utilising applying url shortening service. in this implies you additionally could make short url on your blog. you do no longer would desire to alter besides the fact that , purely create speedy URL. i've got self belief it ought to be superb to make speedy url on your internet booklet and you are going to no longer face any problems. I surely have made short url for my internet booklet as stable because it works impressive. desire that this information ought to be helpful for you.

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