Error: package e1071 is required

UD 66 install. packages (caret) library (caret) finstall. packages (e1071) library (e1071) 71 #20 set. seed (456) 75 #21

in coding language R why will the caret function not download
correctly. it does not allow me to use train function or confusion
Matrix. How do I correctly install caret package?



since,the error shown is "there is no package called
data.table".so,we have to install this package "data.table".To
install the package "data.table" type this:-


Now, to see if the caret is present or not type:-


Otherwise type:-

install.packages("caret", dependencies = c("depends" ,

Again , if any error such as:- there is no package called tibble
.Then intall the tibble package:-


Thank you!

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