Everyone has recommended Bepanthen for my new tattoo but it isn’t an antiseptic cream?

My tattoo artist told me to use antiseptic cream. Won't I get an infection if I don't?

I have been using Savlon since I got it... Is it okay/ will it make a difference if I switch to Bepanthen now? Everyone has been warning me against using Savlon, and research seems to say it makes the colour come out.

How long do I need to use the cream for, anyways?

The tattoo is just under 3 days old, and is a small one on the back of my hand.

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  • I've had 6 tattoo's most pretty big, and I've always used Bepanthem and never had any problems 🙂 you should use the cream for at least a week but it's best to use it until the tattoo had totally healed, so no scabbing left at all. Use it 2-3 times a day and whenever it feels itchy cause it's a great soother.

  • Antiseptic isn't necessary. As long as the wound is clean, which it will be after the regular washing, all you need is a very light barrier cream (which is what Bepanthen is). The usual advice is about a week - until the skin is neither broken nor scabbed, and you can see the new skin surface formed over the tattoo.

  • You can use a no scent no dye white lotion like Lubriderm or Curel from the start to the finish of the healing process.

    The lotion can sting at first, and you can use an ointment for the first 3 days (like A&D) and then switch on the 4th day to lotion.

    You never should use an antibiotic like Neosporin because it can pull the ink out of your tattoo.

    You should always use a very very light coating of whatever you use, so as not to smother.

    You should never use Vaseline or petroleum products or anything with Lanolin in it.

    Here's a excellent video on current and proper aftercare (which you should do 3 - 5Xs a day for as long as it takes (a month or more):


    Also, you should pat off any seepage/ink transfer whenever you see it to avoid scabbing. Scabs can pull out ink. If one forms, however, you leave it alone to fall off on it's own.


  • paw paw ointment works a deal with too. and under no circumstances disregard depart the plastic wrap on over night time! Your frame releases typical medication oils, dont waste them, your frame is aware of first-class, in the event you bathe at night time simply re wrap it. then permit it to dry clearly after washing subject while disposing of plastic (first-class is 24 hours however no less than allow it's for the day) then begin software of ointment. and recollect, dont smother it an overly mild 'skimming' coat five-6 occasions an afternoon is abundant.

  • 2 of my buddies used Bepanthen Plus only, their tattoo artist told it if I remember well.

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