so this guy from school gave me a hickey on my neck today and it's superrr noticable and I have to be home in an hour and if my parents find out then I'm in sooo much ****. so what's a good excuse?serious answers onlyplease.

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  • Me and my cousin use to pinch our necks to give ourselves fake hickeys. We were young and stupid and we thought it was cool to have hickeys. When our moms asked us who gave us a hickey, we told them what we did. You can just say you were bored and gave yourself a fake hickey.

  • Excuses For Hickeys

  • You can say its a rash. Or a bug bite

    Or tell them that you were itching your neck a lot

    Tell them its an allergic reaction to something

    Hopefully they will believe you

    good luck

  • Makeup. It's your only hope. You think they never got a hickey from someone???

    Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense: "Wow, mom (or dad). You never got a hickey??? Really???"

    It's worth a shot.

    Good luck 🙂

  • say its a bruse, if it doesnt really look like one

    if its small maybe say its a little bit of dirt then go to the bathroom to "wash it off" and put heaps of make up ontop of it.... sorry if i was no help

  • Hickeys are just too obvious to Deny, just cover it up with make-up

  • Say some IDIOT attacked you in the projektz & thankfully you weren't ᴘнucκed in the process.

  • if its that bad, put some concealer over it 🙂

    and if its winter,wear a scarf,

    if your wearing a shirt put your collars up , and keep your hair down to cover it, on that side:))

    hoppe i helped love! xoxo good luck, mwaa

  • curling iron, vacuum, paintball gun, ice cub.

    or i heard that if you put creamy peanut butter on it a tiny bit it helps hide it or put a spoon in the freezer then apply pressure on it, or just use make up retardo

  • you got bit by a small sɴᴀκᴇᴅ

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