explain five characteristics of a good system analyst?

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  • 1. The system analyst must be able to communicate in writing and orally.

    2. The analyst must easily get along with people.

    3. The analyst must be a good listener and be able to react to what people say.

    4. The analyst must be knowledgeable of technology. The analyst is not expected to know the intricacies of programming, but a decent general knowledge of concepts and terms is essential.

    5. The analyst must be knowledgeable of business. The analyst is not expected to be an expert in business but a decent understanding of the client's world is required.

  • Characteristics Of A System Analyst

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    A good one has the charateristics of an effective communicator. That includes ability to work with people (known as the system users) to understand their problem that a system solution can solve; to work with technical people (known as programmers) to put the system solution that really solves the system users; to follow system development life cycle process to ensure that the solution can be readily maintained and enhanced. It is important because lack of it creates more or bigger problem than the original.

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