Explain what it means to say that your health is dynamic?

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  • Dynamic is like always changing, it doesn't stay the same. It's probably saying you need to keep taking care of yourself, because your health changes, and just because you are healthy one day doesn't mean you will be forever, so you can't neglect your health just because you've been healthy in the past.

    I don't know, that's my guess

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    Explain what it means to say that your health is dynamic?

  • You asked for a general formulation of the theory of AGW, Mike, not specific quantities predicted by the theory. GCNP answered your question perfectly. If someone asked me to explain the theory of special relativity to them, I would explain the two postulates of SR and the corollaries of those postulates -- I wouldn't immediately calculate the lorentzian transformations of an alpha particle traveling near to the speed of light on its way from a distant star. There are specific predictions made by AGW which are testable. The fact that our current observational systems are not entirely sufficient to fully test all of these predictions does not preclude AGW from being a theory. A radiative forcing of ~3.7 Wm-2/2xCO2 isn't sufficiently specific, Mike? Really, that is the basis of the theory.

  • I don't really know how to answer this

  • Thanks for the answers EVERYONE <3

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