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I have the normal facebook browser on my mobile, about 20 minutes ago I went to use facebook on my mobile to check if there were any messages or notifications, when I clicked at the top where the "chat" icon is facebook told me that a person invited me to install "facebook messenger". This person i was very close with but we departed as friends over an argument about 3 months ago, is this a ploy by facebook to install "facebook messenger" or have they sent me an invite?

I installed the messenger but I can't see the invite anywhere, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This person is not on my friends list and I got an invite from what facebook told me, to install messenger.

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  • So it sounds like if someone sends you a message using the Messenger App, Facebook sends a notification that "<sender> has invited you to chat on Messenger"', even if all they've done is send you a message. I was able to read the message in Safari (without messenger), and I'm sure they didn't make any invitation. This is slick phishing at the social media level.

  • has anyone figured out how that happens as it just happened to me a few days ago, deleted messenger but when I clicked into messages it said that a friend I am not friends with on Facebook invited me to use messenger??

  • Invite Me

  • im having an issue with messenger either cause the update or something is wrong with the app it sself but ever since the latest update i have had trouble with invites such as sending someone one who was on messenger before it updated and after the update everyone got kicked off and have tried to send invites because they say they cannot see what i messeged them and even they are not apprearing to be online plus the invites donot seem to work on either persons side. can someone help???

  • Why do I need to invite a person on my messenger list

  • This just happened to me too. Someone who I have blocked from my profile just invited me to use messenger as I do not use it. I have the exact question as you do; is this a facebook thing or did she literally reach out to me?

  • What it does is send the person that is on Facebook a Notification that says you have invited that friend to chat with you.

  • guys i need help

  • I allready use messenger but i have the grey FB icon on my name on other phones and i have invitations from my friends to use messener although i already use it ,, how i get the blue messenger icon ?!!

  • Well, even if you arent friends, he can still message you. He has messanger so when you want to chat to somebody that doesnt have the messanger app it says that you can tell them to get the messanger app, just beacuse its faster and better. It isnt an invite.

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