FADE haircut. I want one, but I’m not exactly sure what to tell my barber.?

I’m 16, and I got what I believe was a bald fade haircut a month ago. The sides were completely shaven with hair only on the top, so yeah. My hair has grown completely back and I want another fade, but not to the extreme of a bald fade. Ive searched online for terms, but non of them really help. In my opinion, a bald fade makes me look a little too young, I just want a gradual fade with my sides more subtly cut and not shaven all the way down. Is there any term for this or any example which can help me? No sarcasm neccesary.

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  • ask him for a #2 fade…the guards for the clippers come by numbers…number 1 being the shortest…2 is just right…for me anyway

  • 1

  • 1 Fade Haircut

  • Tell your barber that you want a number 2 on the sides and to blend it in with the top. Don’t ask for a bowl cut unless you want to look like Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber.

  • Yeah just tell him to fade UP to the top of your hair line , tell him to do a 1 on the sides, its really short but not bald.

  • ask for a dark fade. if that doesn’t work just explain exactly what you want, its your head and your money. the extra time that would take is worth it

  • i get a PRINCE-TiN if your up north they know what it is.. or you can get a high and tight its not bald on the sides either.. if your down south uugghh they have no idea how to cut hair.. sry southern boys! but for real you dont.. my son lives down in LA. i took him to get a princetin the barber said huh? then i said a high n tight.. he just gave him a close buzz!! sooo hope your up north.. if your in cleveland go to staffonics!! on superior or in fairview!!

  • say.aye man can u give me a lowtop fade

  • Hope this helps!

  • um sure.

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