fallout 3 alien epoxy?

can someone please tell me if alien epoxy will eventually run out or will you always be able to find them??

3 Answers

  • 100 tubes can be found around Mothership Zeta. Since they have no weight, all tubes found can be carried around.You can always increase a weapon's condition to 100% by applying multiple tubes one after the other, regardless of your Repair skill, which makes Alien Epoxy perhaps the most significant item which you get from MZ.

    Alien Epoxy cannot repair armor or clothing.

    At the end of Mothership Zeta, talking to Sally every 24 hours will give you a random alien item (you can manipulate what you receive the same way you can manipulate random encounters, in this case the Alien epoxies). This is one of the main reasons that the Lone Wanderer should continue to regularly revisit the mothership.

  • There is a Set amount Scattered throughout Mother Ship Zeta, so only use them on essentials.

  • when you click the alien epoxy it repairs the weapon you have equipped.

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