FedEX Tracking stuck on “In Fedex Possession” For 3 days?

So I ordered an Xbox One on ebay. The seller shipped on 12/24/15. Expected delivery date is 12/30/15. The problem is, the tracking info won't F***ing budge. It has been on "In FedEX possession" since the shipping date. What's going on?

4 Answers

  • Probably nothing to worry about. It may not update until it's "out for delivery."

  • In Fedex Possession

  • FedEx didn't move much 12/25/ - 12/27 and they are backlogged because of the holidays and weather in Memphis.

    It may today is likely the first day it will move at all.

  • Well it will eventually move; at least for me when i had that problem last year with my jersey

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