FFX Help? (Evrae)?

Is it okay to use Shadow Gems on Evrae? (they reduce your enemy's HP to half)

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  • The best way to fight Evrae is by using overdrives, Lulu magic (rotation based) overdrive and Wakka's 2nd overdrive on Evrae I don't think shadow gem work that well on boss. If you manage to get 2 gambler spirit from blitzball tournament or other ways use Rikku's mix overdrive "trio of 9999" in conjuction with the Wakka's 2nd and Lulu's overdrive.

  • Evrae Ffx

  • you can use pretty much anything on evrae my suggestion would be to use gems on him then back away and be sure to cast haste on all your party members and don't try to slow down evrae it doesn't work. also be sure to make your characters overdrive guage be able to fill up quickly or else your dead. and when you fight evrae a secound time be sure to have a couple of pheonix downs ready to use on evrae trust me it makes the fight move along much faster

    Source(s): experience from playing ffx many times
  • when evrae is close use hard hitters like auron and tidus

    when he goes out far use wakka and lulu to attack him

    to make it a lot easier you should use armor that protects against poison and petrfy that will save a lot of items

    Source(s): that's how i beat him
  • just put your def to 255.. use the tonberry king tech..

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