First Ballet Class Question?

Hi, I’m 14 and will soon be signing up to take my very first ballet class in August. I’m VERY nervous and would like some tips, please! Such as:

– What to wear and be prepared with (things I will need like bags, shoes, ect.)

– How to make a good impression on the teacher/other students

– Anything important I should know for the first day

– stretches I can do to prepare my muscles?

– Hairstyles

– How to become friends with other students (I’m afraid of being the outcast “newbie”!!)

Thanks so much guys, for your time and support. I’m having doubts that I won’t be able to catch up (see, the other girls are able to take a beginner’s summer class, and I have to miss that) and will be just absolutely terrible. I would like to be somewhat prepared and/or know what to expect for the first day. Thanks again! 🙂


– Just a little question. I understand ballet dancers usually fall in a certain weight range. I’m 5’4 with long arms and legs. I weigh 129.4 pounds and I guess you could say I’m slim. Should I try to tone up and lose any extra flab (which isn’t too bad) or am I a good body composition for a beginning ballet dancer?

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  • 1. You should wear a modest black leotard (not too revealing) clean pink tights, a pair of new ballet shoes, and hair slicked back in a high bun. No jewelry of any sort. You’ll want to bring an extra pair of tights and an extra leotard, just in case. You should also have a bag full of hair accessories with you all the time, anything you use to put your hair up, such as bobby pins, hairnets, clips, and hairspray or gel. You should bring a good-sized sport or dance bag to carry everything in.

    2. To make a good impression on the teacher, always listen closely to the combination, and learn it carefully. Making mistakes will only tell them you weren’t paying attention. Don’t talk in class, don’t lean on the bars, and spend any free time you have stretching or practicing. To make a good impression on your fellow students, smile and be friendly, but don’t talk to them during class. Don’t be afraid to talk a little or ask questions between combinations, however, because comeradeship is everything in dance.

    3. Before class, you can start by stretching in a lung on both legs, with both bent and straight knees. After that, sit in a straddle and lean over to both sides and the middle. Then sit in all three splits for at least thirty seconds each. After that, you should be relatively warm, but feel free to do other stretches and warm-ups that help your body.

    4. Like I said before, your hair should be pulled back into a neat, high bun, with no stray hairs or whispies. You can use many different hair items, but what works best for me are bobby pins, a hairnet, and hairspray. Here is a quick bun-making tutorial: first, pull your hair into a high ponytail. Them, wrap your hair in a circle around the base of your ponytail. Stick bobby pins in as you go, holding the hair securely in place. After that, stretch your hairnet over the bun and secure that with more bobby pins. Then, smooth the hair back over your scalp and spray it down with hairspray. If there are any bumps, fix them with bobby pins. If you’re prone to whispy hair, use a headband, but not too big or colorful. If your bun is messy the first few times, the teacher will understand.

    5. To become friends with the other students, use what I said in answer #2. Smile, act friendly, and ask friendly questions. Admit that you’re new and you don’t know what you’re doing, but you want to become good. And, (like EVERYONE says) just be yourself. Be funny and open and cheerful, or whatever you like. Don’t be too outgoing at first, but work your way into good friendships with your classmates.

    6. Yes, you definitely a great body for ballet! Don’t worry about loosing extra weight, but don’t eat too much junk food either. Stay just wear you are; you’re perfect. The one thing I would reccomend is abs; do crunches and sit-ups, they’re very good for your body and your dancing, and will soon transform your perfect body into an AMAZING body! Not that you need to loose any weight, but it’s always good to improve.

    I hope this helps!

  • Usually ballet dancers wear pink tights and a black leotard. A lot of times the leo is long sleaved but I don’t think that will matter in this case. Nor do I think the tights will matter. I’m sure that pink tan or black would be fine. It is more professional to wear your hair pulled back in a neat bun but at least make sure all of your hair is pulled back off your face. Try doing what stretches you can like sitting in a strattle, trying to touch your toes, arm stretches, etc. Make sure you work on pointing your toes. That is very important in ballet. If you know how, you can work on plies and ton dues (pretty sure I spelt that wrong). Maybe find a small dance bag to carry your shoes in. If you are only taking ballet then I think the only shoes you would need are ballet shoes. Some ballet teachers like you to wear a skirt some don’t. Depends on the teacher. Dancers are usually very open and friendly people. I don’t think you will have a hard time making friends. Also, to get on good terms with the teacher, just smile, be polite, and do your best. If the other students are begginers too, I don’t think they will be very far ahead of you. I think your body compositon is fine. Especially since it’s a begginers class.

    Hope this helps, good luck!!!

  • Wear a leotard and ballet tights, generally a black leotard and pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Wear your hair pulled up in a bun, and get a dance bag to keep all of your hair stuff, shoes, conditioning tools such as therabands etc. And in class, to make a good impression on the teacher, have good posture in class and don’t slouch, try not to talk in class unless it’s related to what your doing, and always remember and keep in mind what the teacher went over in the previous class. And to prepare your body, well first of all you need to take a couple of classes so you can find out what you need conditioning for, and the teacher can help you and give you suggestions on what you can do for certain issues. And you don’t need to “tone up” yet. Just go to class and see how it goes, and you can do what you need from there.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your first ballet class!

  • This Site Might Help You.


    First Ballet Class Question?

    Hi, I'm 14 and will soon be signing up to take my very first ballet class in August. I'm VERY nervous and would like some tips, please! Such as:

    – What to wear and be prepared with (things I will need like bags, shoes, ect.)

    – How to make a good impression on the teacher/other…

  • a few things 1. were a leotard, ballet skirt, pink or nude tights and pink ballet shoes 2. were you hair in a low or high bun, 3. for stretches try at the splits, or cradle your leg in arms then lift your leg up and tilt. 4. to make friends will be easy just try to talk to people smile laugh at jokes and you will meet friends. 5. you don’t have to be a certain weight to be a dancer 6. in your bag always have another pair of tights slippers clippers pair of clothes and a small snack like a granola bar or such and last but not least relax and don’t stress.

  • -wear a leotard and tights (normally black, unless you have a dress code for a different color)

    -be polite and respectful. ask questions before class to know what to expect

    -just know that ballet is hard work and and just keep trying cause you will get better over time

    -the regular stretches, such as, half splits (unless you can do full), straddle, butterfly, and have your legs straight out in front of you and reach towards them

    -wear your hair in a bun

    -just be yourself and have fun!

    GOOD LUCK!!!! i hope this helps!

  • You should ask the dance studio what the required attire is for ballet class.

    be quiet and listen.


    hair in a bun. nothing hanging in your face

    ballet class is for dancing not chatting. just be yourself and be polite. always be positive towards other student no matter how good or bad they dance.

    You are not going to be a professional dancer. tone up only if you want to.

  • 1.Dance leotard, see if the teacher wants a specific color, and pink tights.

    2. Listen carefully, ask questions and be respectful

    3. Be prepared for alot of review and warm ups, the teacher will be trying to get everyone in shape.

    4. Take time everyday to go into straddle or into a half split and stretch your legs.

    5. Teachers like it when your hair is in a neat bun, and if you have bangs make sure they are clipped back, so they dont get in your eyes while you are dancing.

    6. Before class, talk to them. Be nice, just dont talk while the teacher is teaching.

    Dont worry, your body composition sounds perfect 🙂

  • aww yay (: I love ballet. ahaha. I think you will too.

    I’m your age but I’ve been dancing for four years. but I started at 10, and I was the new girl too.

    what to wear? get a dress code if they have one, cause most studies will.

    get some leather / canvas ballet shoes, whichever you like more when you try them. I prefer canvas but I’ve used both. and they’re both okay. make sure they have a snug fit, don’t allow growing room. just get shoes as you need them. (unlesss your studio makes you get a certain kind or something)

    tights..some studios make you wear a certain color. black, tan or pink. go to a dance store and get some convertible tights. (the ones with the hole in the bottom) and make sure they’re comfortable, cause you’ll move around in them a lot.

    leotards! the coolest … things… ever.. o.o

    unless your studio makes you get a certain color, get whatever one you want. I like the high back ones, because you can see your tights with the low back one (tights tend to be worn pretty high, because if yu wear them low they wrinkle and it’s a) uncomfortable and b) you can see it in your leotard) don’t get one with knots or beads or something on the back, because during warm ups you might be doing things on your back. they have crisscross ones, zig zag, whatever. but make sure they fit snug and aren’t tight at all, but not big. it has to fit well.

    thats what every studioo makes you wear. I’m pretty sure most at least let you wear other stuff during warm ups. some jsut let you wear it thuogh class.

    booty shorts! get a pair of these, I like to wear them during dance just because those leotards ride up and it looks kinda stupid… o.o

    ballet skirts.. most studios allow these. I like them. Idunno why really ahah..

    ballet sweaters.. I like these because they’re comfortable and I don’t like wear just the leotard because I have the strappy ones ( dont’ want long sleeve cause it gets hot) sooo ballet sweater’s easy cause it’s removable.

    leg warmers.. these are good. if it’s cold. i like them a lot and I have like a million pairs.

    your hair should be up in a bun, outta your face no exceptions. unless you ‘ve got like really short hair (I did.. then it grew) don’t need to hair spray it all the time, but bobby pin it all back and put it in a bun. and if your studi really wants it, get a hair net for the bun.

    -no large jewelry. it’ll get in yur way.

    and smile, be friendly, ASK QUESTIONS. dont’ be shhy. and try your best.

    ballet is a form of art. have fun =)

  • Yess I take at least two tap classes every year, and then I do a combo class with ballet & tap. If you think you would enjoy tap then go for it! I think its the most amazin dance in the world.. I absolutely love it! & I think that if you work hard that you could go on to be a teacher. Good luck!

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