first law of thermodynamics?

an egg is initially at rest, is dropped onto a concrete surface and breaks. with the egg treated as a system.

a. what is the sign of W?

b. sign of delta Ep

c. change in KE

d. change in internal energy

e. sign of heat

in modeling this process, assume the passage of sufficient time for the broken egg to return to its initial temperature. what is the origin of heat transfer of part?

1 Answer

  • a. what is the sign of W?

    Negative, because work is done ON the system.

    b. sign of delta Ep

    If that means potential energy...then it is negative, because the system decreases in gravitational potential energy.

    c. change in KE

    Zero, because it began at rest and ended at rest

    d. zero, because it returned to its initial temperature

    e. negative, because heat is RELEASED to the environment.

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