for the jay chou freak, please answer this question?

a friend of mine told me tha jay chou is bald, tha's why he has so many hairstyle...or maybe it was the other way around...anyway, i couldn't believe it. so im asking if is it true?

1 Answer

  • well yes and no. that's what many people think.

    personally i don't care because as a true fan you should just care about an artist's talents and what they bring to the entertainment world. and not how they dress or how they live there life.

    but i have to say yea and no to his hair, because there was rumors that he is somewhat balded.and as everyone always say there are some truth to rumors. but i also think that he had his problem with his hair fixed already. you know with today's technology you can do close to almost everything. also i think that even if jay is balded it doesn't really matter because he is growing older and older each year .... you can't just expect a person to obtain their same characteristic throughout there life ... though tha be awesome of that could happen.

    so i guess you can just tell your firends that you can either care lss or that he isn't young his whole life.


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