format factory illegal file name?

i have been using format factory for at least 1 and a half years , and its never giving me this issue before , i have format factory 2:60 upgrade and its giving me this message with AVI files from a camcoder (fujifilm fine pix s2500HD ) the footage is HD so i tried downgraiding the footage to a crapier format , but still the same thing , i tried downgrading format factory to 2:50 but still bad !

dose anybody have any solution for this problamo i need it fast thank you 1

3 Answers

  • has no name

  • Format Factory Illegal File Name

  • I faced the similar problem.

    But was able to get through successfully by changing the file name.

    Make sure the file which u want to convert doesn't have any illegal characters (non printable) in its name.

    just change the name of file to anything like aa or ab or ......... anything which u like.

    and convert.

    thats it!

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