Four factors leading to the growing European tension included:?

devout nationalism

useful negotiations

growing imperialism

building militarism

abrasive German actions

Can't Seem To Figure This One Out, Any Help?(:

1 Answer

  • I think you can figure this out yourself even without knowing anything about pre-WWI history 🙂

    Which four things led to CONFLICTS between the European nations?

    1. devout nationalism (= for many Europeans, their own country was more important than other countries)

    2. useful negotiations (= the European countries worked together in a sensible and harmonious way)

    3. growing imperialism (= the European countries all wanted to have colonies overseas, often the same ones)

    4. building militarism (= the European countries build up their armies in preparation for war against each other)

    5. abrasive German actions (= the Germans were aggressive)

    Four answers are about things that increase conflict; the wrong answer is about something that would have helped to avoid conflict.

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