free gay newsletters by postal mail?


Can you help me find a place where I can sign up for free gay pride newsletters by postal mail not e-mail.


6 Answers

  • There is no gay-pride newsletter clearing house (but good idea!), so you'd need to contact you local pride event and ask to join their mailing list. Some may want you to become a member, as usually these organisation are run by voluntary members.

  • i dont think there is such thing.

    there is an online LGBT newspaper:,com_fr...

    u can also find an AIds Foundation in your area if there is one and see if you can get the paper from them. you can try your local library, im not sure if they have any where u live but they have the Seattle Gay News at mine

  • Check with your local gay pride committee and see if they will add you to their snail mail list.

  • robert bellini 78 tamworth new Hampshire 03883

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  • The property appraiser has the address to everyone in your community. In my area it is free online.

  • I am not aware of any, sorry.

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