friend(s); i have this friends and i am not perticully fond of her what do i do.?

my friend and i have been friends for a long time now, since pre school and we are currently in the ninth grade but last year we happened to get into a fight and there was violence. i swung punches and they hit her. but she still wants to be friends, she is very obsessive and annoying, and my friends refuse to talk to her. and not just a few everyone finds her disrutive and annoying. i dont like her and she is becoming a problem with me and my friends i dont want to be mean and ditch her because i have already been talking to her, i feel bad for her i dont want to be mean, so how do i give her the boot without being mean.?

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  • You have known each other since pre school so does your family know her family? If so this might be a time to enlist the help of your mother, even if she doesn't know her your Mom may still be your best sounding board. She wants what is best for you and is aware of how the relationship between you (2 girls correct) has changed especially since last year. You are right in not wanting to be mean but if you no longeer have anything in common a close relationship is not required just because you have known her a long time. How ever if she is making you feel like she is stalking you you need help to find the right spot for her in your life. A school counselor could also help you assess what is going on and give you suggestions. Are your knew friends exceptionally different than what you and she used to be....If so she should not really want to hang out with all of you BUT if she has no other friends to turn to she is not going to take the choice of being cut out easily. I'm sorry you came to blows, I don't much approve of violence, but was this something she should expect to be "Dumped" over......Ninth grade is that your 1st year with these new people or your last year in middle school, it varys from place to place....if both of you are "in a making new friends, new school" situation she may just be having more difficulty making friends and afraid to let go of you "all she thinks she has".

    What ever you do decide to do, pls do it privately with her not in front of other people.

    You can make your self unavailable, cut calls short and tell her you do not have time to talk right now. Tell her you think you no longer have things in common and that the blow up last year is something you won't or can't seem to get cool, remember that a song couldn't make millions if there was no truth to it and think"pick me up on your way down" and think if that could be you she might sing it to someday......Good Luck

  • just let her know that you all have grown apart and maybe she needs to find her own friends

    That is kind of hard but she can feel not being apart of you and the other friend. You would think she would get it since no one else talks to you

    that is crazy

  • slowly make yourself unavailable to her and she will get the hint.

  • just ignore her she get it one day

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