Generators convert physical energy into __________. (Points: 10)?

sound waves electrical energy batteries motors

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  • Just a comment on this question:

    "physical energy" to me represents human energy expended by the human body.

    So there are far less examples of electrical generators converting "physical energy' into electrical in our society today than those that use Mechanical energy for this purpose.

    Years ago when telephones were new technology, a hand crank generator on each phone was used to create the ringing current. And during WWII, the battlefield phones had the same kind of technology for their ringer power. Bikes also had (maybe they still do?) generators to create lights at night. Speaking of bikes, there was that fellow who developed a bike-generator so his kids could only watch TV as long as they powered it by riding the stationary bike. Oh and there were certain flash lights which you can power by shaking to charge a capacitor.

  • Your question is not very clear. There are many type of generators. Electrical generators generate electrical energy. The input may be thermal energy by heat engine which may converted to mechanical energy and then input to generator.

    There are sound generators, gas generators that produce methane from coal. There are wave generators that produce sinusoidal or any desired type electrical waves needed in experiment.

    Please post question again with clear description

  • Electrical energy

  • what do we use generators for? do we use them to listen to music, make batteries, make motors, or power our homes. of course it's electricity!

  • The / sign in a fraction means division, so simply divide the numerator by the denominator and you get the decimal equivalent of the fraction.

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