Google Sniper – Anybody build 50 sniper sites yet?

Hi, my friend send me this:

I want to know if someone made 50+ Google Sniper websites and what you earning from it on average?

I bought the product and is happy, from this guys at the link above and he was very helpfull in giving me some extra tips to get my websites to earn well and some other ideas. He told me that he made some mistakes building some of his websites when he started, but it is possible to get to 1st page in the search engines easily and get money. 🙂

He only has few websitse and got money already, but not 50, so he cant help me with my question of how long it will take to make 50 and how much they can earn? This product works well for me, but I am slow to build sites, only 3 now. 🙁

Can someone give idea? I am very interested in your results?

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  • Hallo there young man. 🙂

    You are asking an interesting question!

    I have not met anyone yet who has build 50 websites yet from the Google Sniper 2.0 program, but I have a few websites and they are doing well. With the new Google rules, it is a bit more difficult to do well in the search engines but you can do it with just a bit more effort than what the program suggests.

    Some people say its a bad program, but I think they are just lazy. You need to put effort in but it is well worth it, because I am earning money now and its bee 5 months since I build the last website.

    I suggest to you to just keep building, I build 15 websites and it took me 2 months, I am earning $2400.00 on average p/month, which is very welcome for me.

    I also bought my Google Sniper from this guy, Kobus at Google Sniper 2.0 Review and he was also very helpful to me! He helped me to get things going and up and running. He has some very good ideas that he experimented with to make the Google Sniper program more up to date for the new Google rules.

    If someone is interested in Google Sniper or just want some advice about it, go to this guy, Kobus, he is very friendly and helped me a lot!

  • Hello, I have personally built well over 70 Google Sniper sites.

    Who knows how long it would take to build 50 of these sites, everyone is different in their skill level, how much detail they put into their sites and how big they build each site.

    I have a few of my 70+ that took only a few hours, the majority took several days as I add a lot more content than required by the system.

    The amount of money you make is also unknown, it depends on the product and niche you chose. Some of my most successful sniper sites make far less than some that are not ranked as high, this is due to each product paying different commissions and getting different search volumes.

    I found out about the system through a Google Sniper Review I found in the link below

  • Sniper Website

  • No. The 50 caliber bullet is .51inches wide, about 2.5 inches long and moves about about 3000 fps. It is not a magic bullet. It needs to hit you to do any damage. Ranb

  • making 50 is not the question making few an promoting that is the main thing, so rather than making to much website just focus on promoting the one

  • Check out my blog i got my honest review on it along with a snapshot of my sales about a month or two after starting this program!

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