Grammar question: which is correct? “We rose money for charity”…or…”we raised money for charity”

8 Answers

  • Raised is correct because rose means that you all made money rise in the air for a charity.

  • Something or someone “raises” something or someone else.

    Eg: I raised the garage door.

    A person or thing “rises” with no outside help.

    Eg: The sun rises early in the morning.

    The past tense of raise is obviously raised, and the past tense of rise is rose.

    Thus, the correct choice is “raised” for your sentence.

  • Money Rose

  • Yes, raised is the correct way of saying it.

  • raised is the correct answer. basing on your sentence, rose is grammatically incorrect because its present tense is rise, which will give another meaning.

  • raised

  • raised

  • Thanks!!

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