Guys, is it a turn of if your girlfriend can bench press more then you?

guys, i really need your help! i am 15 and i am really athletic! i go to the gym a few times a week and so dose my 16 and a half year old boyfriend but ever since we started going to the gym together he has started acting weird and i asked my older brother who i am really close to and he said that it is prob cause i can bench press almost twice as much as my brother can and almost three times as much as my boyfriend can! and it is not because my boyfriend is week! he has huge abs! and i am not one of those freaky and really mussely girls with huge arms! i have brown hair blue eyes and i am really pretty and despite what i am saying now i am not that vain! and i do not look as strong as i sound! to be honest i look like my knees should buckle under the weight of my book (witch i am always carrying! i am a straight A+ student!)

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  • Whoa!! Yeah, that's a unique situation u got there. It's strange too b/c men are naturally stronger in upper body strength than women. Yes, it would be a very weird thing to be dating a cнιcκ that could bench more than me (I bench 315 max, so that would mean my girlfriend would be benching 945 pounds according to your description of what you can bench over your boyfriend).

    I would normally say, if you guys look and feel ok with each other, then I would just say to him, let it go. But it's gotta be hard if his gf is benching 3x more than him. Just tell him to keep working at it and that in time, he will just laugh because if he keeps at it, he should pass you soon.

    Oh, I've never heard of huge abs, other than being fat. I've heard of someone's abs being ripped or defined. Because huge is the last thing you want your mid-section to be.

    Hope this helped.

  • I do not think that your strength is what is turning him off. You seem incredibly full of yourself, and my best guess would be that perhaps you tell him how good you are at lifting weights while you are at the gym with him, or just really brag in general. He feels smaller than you, but don't worry - after time he will begin to like this feeling and develop a foot ƒᴇtıꜱɦ. At that point, you will be home free!

  • no way thats awesome, as long as you dont have a beard an hairy legs and chest and arent 7 ft tall and weigh 300 pounds of pure muscle, athletic girls are awesome, be proud, you seem like you know what you want in life and are happy and confident gorgeous girl, if he is gonna sook about it, tell him to get over it and find somethig he is better at than you to restore his ego, good luck

  • I would say that is a major turn off, atleast it would be for me, dudes like to be stronger than their women. We feel like we are the protectors of the girl, so if I were you, I would stick to cardio, or just tone your muscles, hes the man, let him feel like it.

  • 95 % of guys find that a turn off. my health teacher once asked this in class, and every guy said it was a turn off 🙁

  • It wouldn't bother me. Now if you look freakishly muscular, that's another matter, but just because you're strong? No.

  • still the a man should protect its lady stuff

  • I wont date a girl that is stronger than me.

  • jesus..........yeah i think it would be

    u probably make him feel like he is not 'manly'

    i would just tell him to bulk up, hes getting *** whooped by a cнιcκ

  • hmmm you need to find yourself a man not a pansy boy.

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