has anyone ever heard of PRO SCOUT modeling and acting agency?

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  • I've actually been to Proscout. If you haven't already signed up and paid for it, please save your money.

    The initial interview for Proscout is free. They tell you what Proscout is and make you believe that a lot of people get discovered and get big contracts from attending the Proscout invitational. After they tell you about Proscout, they quickly meet all of the people who attended and decide whether or not to invite you to the big Proscout even (which costs $800 to attend - or maybe even more now.)

    I went to Proscout when I was younger. Definitely one of those mistakes I learned from. It was expensive to attend, and like all of the aspiring actors and models out there, I thought that if someone in the right place could just see me, my career would take off. It doesn't happen that way.

    It was huge and chaotic.You don't really get any personal critique or one on one time with anyone who can actually teach you something. There were some seminars, but nothing you couldn't find somewhere else for A LOT less money. The whole thing was actually rather long and boring. I found someone else there who was also more interested in acting than in modeling - and Proscout really didn't have much there for actors at all. So we both commiserated on that point. It was entirely worthless, actually, going there with an interest in acting.

    What happens is that you're given a number, which you wear on your clothes. You come with two pictures of yourself (or they will take them there for a price) and then you stand in line and eventually walk down the runway with everyone else while agents from various places watch and if they're interested in you they will write down your number. Later the various agencies will read a list of numbers they would like to see - and the people who are called go into this big room and stand in line to see someone behind the table from that agency. They had several schools attend, too - and so you get called and go in, only to find out that they want you to go attend their schools and take their classes (and pay their tuition).

    All of this, of course, is after a huge seminar where they brainwash you into thinking that tons of people have gotten huge contracts from being "discovered" at Proscout. Very few have in fact gotten any jobs in this way.

    I don't think anything really came of it for the people I met there who were aspiring models. It is such a long shot to even be noticed in such a massive cattle call. It's not worth the money at all - and you feel a bit duped at the end of it when you come away with nothing - not even a new piece of knowledge except not to waste your money on something like that again.

    So, I would strongly advise you to save your money and if you are seriously interested in acting and modeling, follow the advice of the people who know what they're talking about in this forum. Get into acting through classes and going to actual auditions - not falling for these over-blown cattle calls that make you pay money to attend.

    It should never cost anything to audition or be seen by a modeling agency.

    The agents who go to Proscout are paid to come - and they are not necessarily looking seriously for any new talent.

    Did you know, that you can submit yourself to all of the agencies that go to ProScout - and more - for the price of a stamp each? All of the big modeling agencies including Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina accept submissions from aspiring models. You don't even have to have professional pictures - you can just send them a good picture of yourself - a close up of your face and then a full body picture - along with your stats. That's it.

    For talent agents that represent actors, you can also submit yourself by sending your headshot and resume along with a cover letter.

    That might equal out to 90 cents per submission (assuming you're using a nice big envelope.) That's $2.70 (for 3 submissions) compared to $800 for Proscout (which doesn't actually necessarily have those three big modeling agencies attend.) Any real information on the modeling business you can find out on-line or from people in the know here at Yahoo!Answers.

    With the $797.30 you save from NOT attending Proscout, you could get Professional pictures taken. AND buy some outfits. AND probably have enough left over to actually take a trip to NYC to visit the agencies personally.

    It is up to you what you want to do with your money. But if you are serious about a career in acting or modeling, your $800 could be better spent for your career than going to Proscout which will do virtually nothing for your career - except perhaps make you a bit wiser about those over-promoted cattle calls where they make YOU pay to attend. It doesn't really make sense, does it, when you really sit down and think about it.

    If, however, you have already paid and you are definitely going, here are some things you should do to present yourself in a positive light...

    *Come with two really good photos of y

  • Scout Modeling Agency

  • Just google them + scam and you'll see what comes up. There doesn't seem to be much positive news. And modeling competitions in general mainly attract scam agencies that will try to charge you more money for classes, photography and other typical scams. No matter what these type of competitions say, the major agencies DO NOT send scouts - they don't have to. They have thousands of people a month sending in pictures and coming to open calls so they don't need to go there to find new talent

    As the other poster says, don't waste your time and money with competitions. Send in your pictures directly to agencies, or spend that money on a trip to NY, LA or Miami and attend agency open calls directly. Here's a list of top agencies http://models.com/agencies/top/

    The individual websites all have information on how to be considered.

    Remember it should never cost you anything to get started in modeling.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    has anyone ever heard of PRO SCOUT modeling and acting agency?

  • Actually I did proscout when I was younger, and it is a lot of money to do it, but I got 5 call backs and they weren't from schools. I got signed to 3 agencies that actually got me a lot of work with Disney, kholes, walmart, limited too, universal, ect. Don't let others fool you, but if you are going there for acting you have to someone really special, don't give up on your dreams because someone else didn't make it. Just walk in there with confidence and you can really shine. I hope this helps someone out!

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  1. I hope people didn’t read that and think it’s a scam. I had a great experience with Pro Scout. It seems like you were just sour about the entrance fees. Yes, many models in fact DID become rich and famous. A lot of them went to FORD.

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