has anyone ever used bowltrol?

and does it work for ibs constipation...cause its really expensive and id hate to buy it and have it not work!


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  • Forget the expensive stuff! It's unnecessary. Eat barley malt and dried fruits. Barley malt is a grain sugar, very, very gentle and mild, but highly effective for getting one to go! It's used in hospitals and nursing homes under the name Malt Soupex or Maltex. You can get a small jar from a health food store more than likely for under $5.00, definitely under $10.00.

    Dried fruits pretty much speak for themselves, but it is better to cook them as a compote and then eat them than it is to just eat them from the box. They are wonderful if you add a bit of fresh lemon to the pot and a bit of warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, allspice, ginger--as long as none of these spices worsens your IBS. I would leave the nutmeg for last as it is an intense spice.

  • Bowltrol

  • I don;t know about that, but there's one out by Digestive Advantage, called IBS, and it's around $6.00 at walmart and it works, but you have to take it everyday. They're natural mainly, after a week of taking them, you see a big difference. I used to take them, They're also gental on your stomach.

    Here you go, but Walmart sells it.

    Here you can get free samples:


  • I have and it works great. It is expensive, but it's money well spent and if you order the 6 month supply you save about $80.

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