Has anyone heard of SoulJewelry.com? Is it safe to purchase from there?

I'm looking for a place online to order a personalized gold name ring. I looked at Limoges Jewelry and the reviews from other customers were horrible. So I decided to not order from them. I want to stay in a $100-$200 price range and if I order it next week I want it to be here before August 22nd.

Thanks. But I need a better answer that's not coming from the peanut gallery.

@CERush WOW you did all that research? Thank you sooo much! Your answer really helped alot. I basically did the same with google maps and tried to search the actual place. The place said L.A. Jewelry Mart though which made me skeptical. Shouldn't the store be named "Soul Jewelry"? Thanks a bunch!

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  • BBB has nothing to do with it, just because they don't pay BBB a ransom to get listed doesn't mean that they are not legit.

    @CERush gave a pretty in-depth answer but I just wanted to comment that many business these days have online only shops, so you won't be able to find them on Google Maps, or any other local directories. In case you find a store like this, it's best to send an email with a detailed question about ordering, and see what type of reply you receive from them.

    As he mentioned try to pay via PayPal, which has good protection for fraud, and in which the seller is required to actually get the ring to you before he sends the item.

    Did you try checking MyNameNecklace.com? I got a name necklace from them a couple years back, and I'm pretty sure that last time I was there (a month or two ago) I saw they had personalized rings as well.

  • Having never used this site before I cannot give a personal account however there are a few way you can normally tell a scam site from a legit one.

    If you cannot find a contact us link or under it there is only an email address to contact them dont buy from them. A legit business will have and address or at least a phone number. In this case they have both. http://www.souljewelry.com/contact.asp

    I also looked up their phone number online and it appears to be a correct there too.


    Next I looked up their address in google maps and did a street view. I could not see them from the pictures however google did have them listed as being at this address and the owner made a comment in the place where customers are supposed to post back in 2009 (Shameless self promotion lol) so they have been a few years

    I then put something in the card and went to check out (of course I didnt finish it becaue whatever I put in there was over 400 dollars and I didnt even look at it I just clicked) They offer both paypal and google checkout, these services protect the consumer in cases of fraud, these services generally dont get used if its a rep off.

    They also could take your Credit Cards directly on their site and they did have an SSL certificate so the transaction would be secure if you went that rout, most fraud sites dont bother to do this either because they dont care.

    Having not used this site before, If I where to go to this site I would not be too worried about the safety of the site.

  • BBB Business Review



  • It is not safe to purchase Jewelry.

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