Has anyone tried Pineapple Super Fat-Melter for diet?

I recieved this offer by mail that Joann Metzger, has lost 43 pounds in 6 weeks by using the homemade pineapple jelly , has anyone tried it? if you have pleaseeee tell me how long you tried it for and how much you lost . anyone knows anything about it? pleaseeeeeeeeee i am desperate to lose the weight, i am 25 years old, mother of 2 girls ( 3 and 2 years of age) 5feet 5 inches and weight 170 lbs i need to lose at leastt 35 pounds as soon as possible, please help !!!!!! ,

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  • I also recieved this offer and after reading it find to many gaps in info. For one Pineapple does have some very good vitamins and minerals but if consumed before they are ripe can actully be toxic. You might be better off trying a no gluton diet as many of us are gluten intolerant and that is why nothing seems to help on weight loss. also that is one of the huge reasons over the counter diet pills or supplements do not help and actully add weight try to lay of wheat products not low carb. just wheat and soy. They are high gluton if you feel better and lose weight the first week you are probly gluton intolerant. I personally do not think that there is a miracle diet just find one that you can do. don't cut to many calories, try doing something fun for exercise with small children it is not always easy to get to a gym or even go for a walk. turn on your radio and dance with your kids picking them up and twirling is a good work out and you use more muscles then you think and your work out time will fly by. Alsodon't let your self get to hungry. Drink lots of water and limit your soda intake. DIET soda is worse than regular soda so limit to one reg. soda a day and you will be better then drinking 2 or more diet. just saying whats worked for me. Talk to your doctor they really do know how to help.

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  • Pineapple Diet Pills

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  • No such thing. It's a scam. There is absolutely NO product that "melts" fat or calories. It doesn't exist. And any company that tells you their products does this---is a scam. They haven't done even one clinical trial to see if it actually works, they have not applied for a NDA (New Drug Application) with the FDA because they know their product will be PROVEN NOT TO WORK.

    If you are really so "desperate" to lose weight, then you have to do 3 things: Eat better, eat smaller portions and EXERCISE MORE. And I mean the minimum of 1 hour EVERY day.

    If you are not willing to do those 3 things, then you are NOT desperate. And don't say that it doesn't work....because it most certainly does and THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK. Clinical trials and all. They are the ONLY things to do to lose weight.

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  • Hi, I received the same mailing and researched it online since I was interested also. I think it is a scam. I found 2 postings on ripoffreport.com regarding the product. They said they sent a check and never received the product. I saw your posting and wanted to give you a heads up. I'm in the same boat you are height and weight wise, there are other ways to lose weight...and you;'ll fidn one that works for you. I wouldn't trust this product. Take care.

  • High King. Your name is fantastic.Can you follow following instructions? 1) In the morning prepare a cup of tea in water with tea powder, honey, few lemon drops. No sugar at all and no milk 2) After 15 minutes ( after your toilet) drink one glass of water and do jogging in the house or veranda of hostel if you are in hostel.Also some yoga exercise.Sleep ulta and raise your legs upward and downward for ten times. 3) Take light nasta like bread, biscuits etc after 15 minutes of jogging 4) At about 1PM or as per your time take.any food in alittle quantity except junk food. 5) Eat fibre fruits like apple, peru or any fruits more during dinner at 1PM. 6) In the afternoon only tea with milk with two biscuits only 7) In the night at about 8PM take khichadi. dal-bhat etc light food 8) Before you sleep drink gud (joggery) water one glass. 9) No smoking under any circumstances 10) No non veg. food at all I know you will find these ten commadments difficult But If you determine your mind then your bell y will surely reduce. Good Luck.

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  • carry a cooler stocked with three bottles of water a six pack four pb js two oranges a bag of tortilla chips and 12 servings of cool cucumber salsa go to womenshealthmag allrecipes com for the recipe for 22 minutes

  • keep your meal balanced

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  1. I saw about 3 reviews that claimed they never received product (2023) and one article that said the ingredient that they use is inedible and dangerous. I did not buy. This is what I based my decision not to buy.

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