Has Julia Nunes ever been “skinny”?

I've just realized that Julia Nunes from YouTube is seriously overweight, and there is no debate about this, she is chubby, and if you watch her last video with Jake and Amir on CollegeHumor.com she is SERIOUSLY overweight, there is no two ways about that, and I can't help wonder if she was ever thin or did she just use camera angles and her ukulele to hide her weight.

I've seen a few pictures and it seems to me that she was once in fact average in weight, but now she is seriously "a few pounds" over her ideal weight so to speak...

Also by looking at her face it seems at times that no overweight person could have that skinny and neat looking face, but then again, we never got to see what was under the camera...

I always thought she was kinda hot in a weird way, now I'm highly disappointed.... Still like her music though, no hard feelings, I like the girl, I'm just disappointed about her looks. Fortunately you don't need to be hot to be successful, but...

What are your thoughts on this? Ever skinny or not?

At last, someone notices her weight rather than her talent!

You can be talented and overweight at the same time, is not offensive, is a fact, I love her, but she needs to let go... her extra weight.

What kind of non-superficial world do we live in? LOL

2 Answers

  • no she was always fat

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    Whether or not she used to be skinny takes a back seat to the question of what exactly is it that attracts us. You might not find her physically attractive but that doesn't mean that she isn't beautiful. It just means that she's not your cup of tea. Depending on who you talk to, there are countless definitions of "hotness". Personally, I find Julia Nunes to be quirky, talented and extremely hot! 🙂

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