Have a ᑕнιcκ Fil a ? Why are their sandwitches so expensive?

3 Answers

  • It's just a matter of higher quality. They pay more for their products therefor they have to charge more to meet their food cost percentage. Now a days ᑕнιcκ-fil-a has earned a reputation for being a great fast food place. That also lets them charge more. Supply and Demand. If McDonalds charged $4.00 for their cнιcκen sandwhich hardly anyone would buy it because it's just not worth it.

  • ᑕнιcκ-fil-a may be more expensive but their food is much higher quality than other fast food joints & it's not nearly as bad for you. Their grilled cнιcκen sandwich only has 4 grams of fat for example. I'm willing to pay more for better quality & much better taste.

  • There food is of a much higher quality then normal fast food, and while it's still not the healthiest place to eat, it's alot healthier then Mcdonalds or BurkerKing. (Doesn't stop me from eating there) ᑕнιcκ Fil-a is my favorite "fast food" joint. 🙂 I wish they had more around where I live.

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