Have you ever been forced to go barefoot before?

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  • Nope. Nobody forces me to do anything.

  • Only in PE, which was always taught barefoot back when I was in school. I didn't really think of it as 'being forced' though, bare feet were mandatory indoors but I usually went barefoot when we had outdoors PE as well, where shoes were optional, only wearing trainers when it was cold. The only times I even gave it any thought was when I had to go into the gym very briefly, like when I had forgotten something inside or had to give a note to the teacher; he was very strict and we had to take off our shoes even for that if we had to take just a few steps inside, and of course we didn't like the hassle of that. And one time when it was pretty chilly I had not counted on PE being outdoors so I had not taken my trainers, and I had to go barefoot. But I warmed up quite quickly when we started playing so it was not bad after all! My first time when I noticed bare feet weren't so cold as most people think 🙂

  • Not forced.

    But I have been barefoot in some pretty strange places, and after I thought why did I do that.


  • I don't have to be forced...I love going barefoot☺

  • Not that I can recall. If I am forced to go barefoot, I would do it.

  • No, I go barefoot by choice.

  • Yes - as part of a Dare I had to walk barefoot over fairly rough terrain. 🙂

    It was fun, actually.

  • Yea, when my shoes were too dirty to wear in the house.

  • No.

  • no..

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