Help! How to fix error loading SoundMAX.dll ?

Hi to all, I need some help here.

When I turn my laptop on, an error suddenly pops out on the screen which reads like this:

Error loading C:UsersTatiAppDataLocalTempSoundMAX.dll

The specified module cannot be found.

I try to fix it with Registry Cleaner by using TweakNow PowerPack but nothing happened

I have no idea of what software is using this file so that I can reinstall the same.

By the way, the OS that I am using is Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

Any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thanks and good day.

@Fishface & Gurusharan Rao,

Guys, I tried your suggestions but it didn't solve the problem, a new pop-up appeared and it says:

Error loading C:UsersTatiAppDataLocalTempSoundMA…

Missing entry:Sets

@y.a. suspends ne1

hi, I think the soundcard has no problem, I checked the device manager and says that the device is running properly.

More help guys in-case you have suggestions left. Thanks.

I did scan my laptop with registry cleaners and find it with so many conflicts but sad for me because I will have to buy the product first to clean the machine.

I did try to use free registry cleaners but it cannot detect the error mentioned.

Anyway, I resorted to reinstalling the OS.

Thanks for trying to help guys. Good day.

4 Answers

  • Download

    Copy it to


    Restart computer.


  • Hi there ,

    Programs generally remove files but not registry entries upon uninstallation. Such can be fixed using good registry cleaner like RegInOut .If your system is missing a windows dll then you might have to repair your installation after fixing the previous registry entry of that dll using RegInOut.

  • Soundmax.dll

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Delete steam.dll from your steam directory, forcing it to update itself the next time you launch Steam. Hope it works, it did for me.

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