Help with accumulator on bet 365 (folds, block bet)?

I've just got a betting app for my phone (bet 365), and was a bit confused with the terminology. For example I want to do a 10 match accumulator.

I have selected the teams to win and it has taken me on to the "bet slip" page.

But I am confused with the 'doubles', 'trebles', 4 fold, 5 folds, etc........ and 'block'

It comes up as"-

Doubles 45 @

Trebles 120 @

4 folds 210 @..............

..............9 folds [email protected]

10 folds 1 @

Block 1013 @

I have no idea what all of this means.

Can someone please explain it to me simply.


7 Answers

  • Hi

    a block means every possible combination

    but if you only want the 10 fold accumulator then it's 10 folds 1 @

    only 1 bet

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  • Accumulator Bet 365

  • If the bet is an 8-fold, it is an accumulator where all 8 elements must be correct. It is one single bet. The winnings from the first leg are staked on the second, the winnings from the second staked on the third, etc, to the end. If you had wanted to incude the possibility of winning something if any of your selections would lose, you would have needed a permutation, but the level of cover would depend on how many losing selections you want to be able to get away with. 8 selections permutations: 1 8-fold 8 7-folds 28 6-folds 56 5-folds 70 4-folds 56 trebles 28 doubles This means a full cover perm, igoring the 8 singles, would amount to 247 individual bets. You would have to multiply your stake by 247. Not really a sensible option. You could reduce the number of elements in the perm: 1* 8-fold 8* 7-folds Woud allow one losing selection, but is 9 bets. Times your stake by 9. 1* 8-fold 8* 7-folds 28* 6-folds 37 bets, allows 2 losing selections.

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