help with nomenclature of an alkane?

how many ethyl and methyl groups are in 4-sec-butyl-5-ethyl-3-methyloctane?

I look at the compound and I see that in the secbutyl there is a methyl group with an ethyl group, and on carbon 5 theres a ethyl group and on carbon 3 another methyl. So I put 2 ethyl, and 2 methyl and got the answer wrong? I honestly do not understand how there can be more substituents can somebody help me out?

2 Answers

  • The sec-butyl group has 2 methyl and 1 ethyl groups (there are duplicates), octane has a methyl group at each end and another on carbon 3. The ethyl group on C5 has a methyl group at its end as well.

    It kinda depends on how you view these groups -- does octant have 2 ethyl groups in it?

  • 4 ethyl

    6 methyl

    Not sure why the ethyl, but I know it is correct according to my saapling hw

    Source(s): SaaplingHW (I am an OCHEM student)

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