Hey, does anybody know anything about Jelly bean frogs?

My mom just bought me 2 cute albino frogs. I done some research on Jelly bean frogs but it didn’t find anything useful. The questions i am looking for are like, how many times do you feed them, are they active, how many times should I clean their tank, just please tell me anything you know about Jelly bean frogs

ps my tank is only 3 gal.

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  • If they’re anything other than white, then they’ve been cruelly dyed that colour.

    They’re African Clawed Frogs. Get about the size of a tennis ball plus legs and a bit cannibalistic. They will also eat any fish etc. They will need a big tank, for two an over filtered 30 gallon.


    Have a read of these:



  • Jelly Bean Frogs

  • Yes, I absolutely love Jelly Belly jelly beans. My favorite is Bubble Gum.

  • jellybean frogs aren’t a species in themselves, but albino frogs that have been inhumanely injected with dye to make their skin bright colors. You’d have to find out what species they were to find out how to care for them.

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