Hi, I use acrylic paint on leather shoes but its still cracking, what else do I need to put on the shoes?

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  • Check out the paint section of your art supply store for textile medium.

    You add it to plain old acrylic paint following the directions on the container. The textile medium will make acrylic paint into fabric paint.

    You may then have to seal the paint with an acrylic sealant, also found in the paint aisle.

  • Acrylic Leather Paint

  • I sympathize. I m having the same problem. My daughter s dance school had the brilliant idea to give us acrylic paint (so the color is the same as all the other girls) to paint the ballet shoes. I ve now painted them twice and they need to be done again before the recital. Argh! So all of you saying why are you painting leather in the first place, there is a reason!!! Have real answers not just judgement.

  • I paint on leather jackets. I buy special leather paints that have acrylic base. I have used regular acrylics, but they must be applied thinly or they will crack. I used a varnish over the acrylics on one jacket, but the ones without it endure the elements better.

  • try using fabric paint instead of acrylic

    you can buy it at any craft store

  • You need to use special flexible leather pigments and finish over the top

  • Of course acrylic paint cracks. It can also crack on canvas. Why are you painting leather in the first place? I don’t think any paint will stay on well on leather. Maybe get oil paint and seal it with a clear spray on sealer.

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