Hide extended network and blog, without space on myspace?

I need the code to hide the extended network and the blog without leaving the space. All the codes i use only hide them, but leaves the space.

I want to get rid of this.


5 Answers

  • 1. Hide your blog


    .latestBlogEntry { display:none; }


    2. Hide your extended network


    .extendedNetwork { display:none; }


    Now, it will leaves a space. But you can put your blurbs at the top

    of your profile.

    3. Codes for higher your blurbs

    <style>td.text table {position:relative; top: -65px;} td.text table table {position:static;}</style>


  • Hide Extended Network

  • A lot of insightful answers here

  • Thx for the answers EVERYONE xx

  • that is not actually true

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