Hocus Pocus Phone Number Blurred?

Why did ABC Family blur out Max's phone number in the television version of Hocus Pocus? It was supposed to be 555-9142 but was blurred out to 555-

7 Answers

  • "Fake" movie phone numbers start with 555, but not all 555 numbers are fake. The "fake" numbers have to range from 0100-0199 as in 555-0100- 0199. Back in 1993 (when the movie was made) this specification wasn't in place, so since then 555-9142 has been assigned to a person or business which is probably why it was blurred.

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  • Abc Family Phone Number

  • there is a famous song called 867-5309.

    which is also the phone number for a car dealership in my area.

  • So no one would try to call the phone number because that will happen.

  • Maybe so people dont try to call the number. Some people actually try to call these numbers(although they are fake)

  • Some stupid people call that numbet

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