Homestuck merchandise delivery question?

I have ordered two hoodies from whatpumpkin studios. A hero of blood hoodie medium, and hero of heart small, both are zipper hoodies. I ordered both of them on March 20 and I still haven’t received them yet. I live in California and it has already taken 3 weeks and still no package! Is there something wrong with whatpumpkin? Is there anyway to contact them or is this normal?

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  • You shouldn’t have to worry, the WhatPumpkin Hoodies do take a really long time to come. If it gets over 2 months, I would contact them, but I ordered a Hero of Heart hoodie and it eventually came. It’s one of those things when you lose hope in it coming and nearly forget, and that day it comes. xD

    (Also keep in mind they print their own stuff, so they may still be printing)

  • Whatpumpkin

  • I know this is irrelevant, but I live in Cali too! 😀

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