How and where did rap star Woodie die?

I am curious to what really happened to Antioch rap star Woodie.

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  • Woodie committed suicide last year in like Tacoma or Oregon, somewhere up north. It's true his wife had died from an illness, but I've heard he was on the run for some pretty serious **** & that may have had something to do with it as well. In the end only he knows why he decided to end his life, we can only be thankful for the music he shared w/ us while he was here. Woodie was one of the pioneers for the Norteño's and Yoc music mayne.

    Rest In Paradise Woodie.

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    How and where did rap star Woodie die?

    I am curious to what really happened to Antioch rap star Woodie.

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    Here's a list of a few notable deaths in Hip Hop: Scot La Rock King Tubby Michael Menson (Double Trouble) MC Rock (Almighty RSO) Trouble T-Roy (Heavy D & the Boyz) Brandon Mitchell (Wreckx-N-Effect) The Mac Charizma Death Dame Eazy E (NWA) Mr. Cee (RBL Posse) Hitman Stretch Tupac Yafeu Fula (Outlawz Immortalz) Seagram Miller Rappin' Ron Notorious BIG JoJo White (Bored Stiff) DJ Caravan Fat Pat DJ Crazy Rak Papo Malcolm Howard (4 Black Faces) Big L MC Ant Bugz (D12) Freaky Tah (Lost Boyz) Matthew Roberts (Blaggers ITA) Yusef Afloat Muhammad (The Nonce) Big Pun Mausburg Bankie (American Cream Team) DJ Screw Eclipse Hussein Fatal (Outlawz) J Dilla Mooseman Prince Ital Joe Tonnie Sheppard Half A Mil Coughnut (Ill Mannered Posse) Grym Reaper (Gravediggaz) D Mac Left Eye (TLC) Jam Master Jay (Run DMC) Speedy Loc Double D Lil Bo Freako (Ghetto Stars) Holy Quran ODB (Wu Tang) Mac Dre Fat Tone Proof (D12) Big Hawk Party Arty Stack Bundles Skee 64 Woodie B-Brazy & G Spider (Damu Ridaz) Big Moe (Screwed Up Click) Pimp C (Underground Kingz) Karizma Plan B Black Cee 4-1-So-Sicc-***-Rell (Cold World Hustlers) Billboard (Black Wall Street) ..most of them were murdered, and a majority of the cases as to who murdered them are unresolved. It's f*cked up how rappers aren't treated like human beings or musicians in other genres. It's like the cop's little sick joke not to investigate rap related deaths..

  • Ryan "Woodie" Wood, a popular Northern California Norteno rapper, died Wednesday, March 7,2007. It seems impossible to find any official source of information his death. But the concensus seems to be that Woodie, despondent over the recent death of his girl friend whom he was to marry, shot himself. Although some speculate that his death was a gang killing set up to look like a suicide, most feel otherwise.

  • Woodie shot himself. If you listen to his latest music his voice changed and got deeper/darker rapping about Ddrinking half a gallon of bacardi.... also saying he had a gun in his mouth nearly about to blow his brains out. So he was dealing with his own demons in his head and couldnt deal with it anymore.

  • Big L Jam Master Jay Proof Big Pun DJ Screw Big HAWK Eazy E ODB Pimp C MC Trouble Stack Bundles Big DS Grym Reaper

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