How are we related if our grandfathers are brothers?

I started working at a nursery recently and one of the other nursery nurses had the same unusual surname as me. We got talking about what a coincidence it was as it is such a rare name - and eventually we discovered we are related as my grandfather is her grandfather's brother! But, I am confused.... HOW are we related? Are we cousins once/twice/something removed? What are our fathers to one another? Is there a site where it tells you how to work this stuff out?

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  • Very cool that she's related! You would be second cousins, and your fathers would be cousins.

    It's all explained in the site below. =)

  • You are second cousins. See the link below to a chart I've found useful when trying to work degrees of cousinship.

  • You would be her second cousin.

    Two brothers. Both get married and have a family. Brothers become uncles to other brothers children. These children then grow up get married have family. This would be where you come in so her grandad is your second uncle. He is not your dads brother, he is your grandads brother so this puts him in the next generation up from uncle so is known as second uncle.

    Hope you understand this gobbly di ****!!!

  • You are cousins once removed. Or 2nd cousins both mean the same thing! As you both have the same name then your fathers are (1st)cousins.

  • If your grandfathers are brothers, Then that would make your fathers counsins and you second cousins I believe.

  • 1st generation


    your grand-father -brother-her grand father

    2nd generation

    1st cousin=1st cousin.

    grand father's children are 1st cousins. therefore her parent is 1st cousin to your parent.

    3rd generation

    2nd cousin=2nd cousin. the children of the 1st cousins are 2nd cousins. Therefore your friend is your second cousin!

    Does it make sense to you?

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  • I believe you might be "second cousins" at least that is the way I understand it.

  • Your fathers would be cousins and you would be 2nd cousins.

  • 2nd cousin's twice removed.

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