How can I change email accounts to FREE accounts?

Thru time, our Prodigy dial-up IS became Yahoo!'s. We no longer need the dial-up IS, but we want to keep our existing email addresses. Yahoo says "NO" because of the domain, so for now we're keeping the dial-up ISP account.

$9.95 / month for email accounts!?!

We've been told to create new Yahoo! email accounts, then they'll transfer our existing emails to them. For convenience, I'd like to keep the addresses we have.

Any alternative ideas?

3 Answers

  • Yahoo account are Free. Go to the homepage and click get account. The Prodigy is costing you for nothing. Just give everyone your new Yahoo email address. I have an ISp email address that I never use because I don`t know what to expect from them if I change ISP.

  • that s my question How do I set up my yahoo free email account?

  • keep prodigy email address

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