How can i contact Shakira?

Ever since my mother died, she has been my idol. She is my romodel and it is a dream of mine to talk with her.

4 Answers

  • Before she used to replay to messages from her OFFICIAL form. but now that site is closed.

    the only way you can talk to her is from her twitter account. but for now its been really loooong she didnt replay or update her status. only her manger does update her twitter account. but u dunno maybe someday u will get a replay 🙂

    EDIT: i met shakira in personal 2 years ago, saw her at the hotel she was staying. you have to be smart to do that!

  • Look up her agent, plead your case.

    In the highly unlikely event you're able to move her agent, he'll arrange some sort of meeting.

    But don't hold up any hopes: I mean, what? you think you're the ONLY fan who wants to talk with her personally? GET REAL!

  • Go look her up on google or another search engine. Find like her fan mail address or phone number.


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