How can i get an international driving license in the philippines?

how much do i need to pay and where will i go?thanks!

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    Correct po , that is the exact address po.

    Near ST. PAUL COLLEGE Quezon cty po yan.

    The local driver's license must be renewed first, before applying

    for the Intl driver's license po. Prepare your pictures and 900Php.

    That was the amount I paid last last year. 2 yrs ago, I remember

    that I paid 1200Php.....I wonder why it was cheaper last year.

    Hmmm.... well, small diference anyway.

    Same day result po yan.

    Renewable po yang Intl license evry year.

    And that license automatically give you the opportunity

    to be an insured member of the

    AAP = Automobile Association of the Phils.


    Im about to go to AAP after 2 days. Will keep you posted

    if there is anything new...

  • Aaa International Drivers License Online

  • Aaa International Drivers License Application

  • If you will be driving in an English Speaking Country you do not need an International Drivers License, for a period of 3 months stay. Your Drivers license is enough just drive with your passport with you. If you will be driving longer than 3 months you will need to secure permit or license at the host country.

    In the Philippines, foreigners who have a valid drivers' license who will stay and drive for 3 months can use his own driver's license. Longer than that you have to visit any Land Transportation Office (LTO). Non english License should have it translated and certified by their respective country embassy and secure permit at LTO.

    Different host country have different ruling, but most of them observe the 3 months rule. International License issued in the Philippines are sort of gimmick, Government issued IDs are far weighted than private associations in any country.

  • Automobile Association of the Philippines

    683 Aurora Boulevard Quezon City 1112 Philippines

    Hotline: (632) 723.0808

    Fax: (632) 726.5878

    Road Safety Call Center: (632) 414.2288

    Email: [email protected]


    Makati Satellite Office

    C-6 Guadalupe Arcadia, JP Rizal Ext., Makati City

    Tel : (632)882.6039

    NOTE - If you will be driving in an english speaking country, you may not need an international drivers license at all. Cost? Last time I checked it was P300.00.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How can i get an international driving license in the philippines?

    how much do i need to pay and where will i go?thanks!

  • international drivers licenses simply translate the drivers license you have from your own country. they are worthless by themselves. you need a license in your own country in addition to it.

    usually an international license is not necessary as most places will accept the drivers license from your country alone.

  • I agree with Fizz. If you check the rent-a-car companies websites eg

    you'll find that if you are there for under 90 days, just your own drivers licence is sufficient (written in English, else with a notarized English translation.)

  • hi pwede ba ma verify ang international drivers license sa LTO kung talagang nka process gaano ba ktagal kung pina red ribbon yun sa DFA...pls email me your answer [email protected]

    Salamat po...

  • if your from the usa, you have to go to AAA, and its like $15 for the license and $15 for the pictures, I just got mine for my upcoming trip

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