how can i have a RECEIPT NO. found on the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS?

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  • yes!

  • Sss R-5 Form

  • The receipt number is located on the upper right side of the receipt. I don't know what do you call that receipt. My form is called CON-01181, I think.

    If your Receipt No. is T#1232v21z, just use the last 6 characters, 32v21z, because the system only accepts six characters.

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  • The form is completed in triplicate. When it is validated one of the copies is your receipt.

    If you still have questions you can use the SSS automated telephone service by calling the SSS IVRS at 917-7777 or call 920-6446 to 55 to speak to an SSS representative from 8:00 am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

    Here is a link to the RS5 form:

  • aug 22 2014

  • How i can i have receipt no. found on RS5 I pay today oct.30,2013

  • what if the receipt is lost?

  • Look at ""PAY REF# Enter all the digits and letter

  • i only have e1 form. So how can i get a receipt number? Answer please

  • how can i have a receipt no./ OTC ?

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