How can i join a paranormal investigation group?

I live in Rochester NY and i was wondering how i can join a group or how to start one up?

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  • I recommend putting up a flyer at your local Library. State that you want to form or either join an existing group. You can even have your group meet there. Its a public place and Im sure they would allow you to do so. I also recommend doing your homework and learning as much as you can on the different types of hauntings and ghosts in general. Good luck.

  • First you should gain some experience by going with an investigative group on an investigation as just a viewer, not an active part of the group. That's if you've never had any experience with paranormal investigation. If you ask the group you're going with, they might let you help debunk some of the recorded phenomena, and that can also give you a bit of experience.

    Another way to gain experience is by investigating your own home even if you haven't experienced anything, or a friend's home if they approve.

    Here is an article on paranormal investigation that you might find helpful:

    If you do have experience, Google investigative groups in your area and telephone them. I'm sure there are a lot of groups out there that could use more members.

    But remember above all - be safe! 🙂

  • Hey. I would love the opportunity to join a group and maybe sometime when im older i will. What i would do is research. There are heaps of Groups out there looking for some extra members im sure of it- as the interest of the paranormal is becoming more popular more groups are forming. So search the internet and ask around.

  • Paranormal investigator are willing to spend hours upon hours looking over boring video without fast forwarding and listening to hours upon hours of audio recordings through headphones until your ears ache. Research property records, interview witnesses, compile and compare data etc etc etc.

    Ghost Hunters are in it for the thrill of the hunt.

    Which are you?

  • Are you a total jackass? Or incredibly powerful? If the answer to the second question is no, then the answer to the first is YES ******************!!!!! Idiot!?!? *smacks across the head* YOU DO NOT **** WITH **** YOU DONT UNDERSTAND OR -TRUST ME- YOU'LL REGRET IT! Idiot! (Oh if the second was yes please ignore the crazy rant inspired by most jackass "paranormal" groups and have fun!)

  • Google is your best friend, hun.

  • look it up on the internet

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