how can i play the flute if i’am left handed?

someone please help me

7 Answers

  • There are NOT left-handed flutes!!!!!! Just pick up the flute and learn - ten percent of the population is left handed, after all. Read my answer to your OTHER posting of this (and stop posting things more than once!).

  • Left Hand Flute

  • Yes you can. I'm left handed and I've been playing flute for years. I didn't find any challenge playing since I'm left handed

  • I'm left-handed and never found it weird. In the general sense, there's only one way to play the flute, and your dominant hand doesn't affect this at all.

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    For sure! My band director is left-handed, and she majored in flute performance in college! And ten percent of the population is left-handed, so a lot of flutists are left handed. Good luck!

  • can you use your right hand for anything? You are going to be using both hands to play the flute. Neither one is going to be used more than the other.

    It would make no more sense than to have a left handed keyboard for your computer.

  • You can get left-handed flutes, my friend is left-handed and has one of them. Although, I think they may be slightly more expensive. May I suggest that if this is an issue, you take up an instrument easier for left handers such as a clarinet.

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