How can i train my self to wet the bed?

im 15, if ur wondering why id like to do this…its because its a fetish thing i had since i was 4. i understand if i weirded u out or if u think im a freak of society :(, but please take some consideration in that im still only human

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  • Unless you have a history of bedwetting then drinking a lot of water before bed, and then going to sleep probably won’t make yourself wet the bed. You will probably wake up desperate for the toilet, and the need to pee will likely keep you awake. And certainly don’t try holding it all day – holding your urine for long periods is not good for you and could result in painful urinary tract infections.

    Learning to wet the bed will be a training process, and will need commitment from you. As others suggested drink a lot of water before going to bed (although not too much, it is unhealthy to drink too much water, I wouldn’t drink more than about 1 litre) and you should wake up in the middle of the night desperate to pee. Stay lying in your bed, and just let go so that you wet the bed – it may be difficult to pee in bed at first as it will feel wrong, but keep trying. Once you have wet you need to go back to sleep as soon as possible (you may want to wear diapers so that you stay comfortable). Repeat this every night. Eventually you will find it easier to wet, until after some time you will find yourself hardly waking up to pee. Your body will, over time, learn that it’s okay to just pee in bed and won’t wake up.

    This training process will probably take some time, and once you learn to wet the bed in your sleep if you decide you want to stay dry at night you will need to train yourself to be dry at night again, which may not be easy. Before you try to turn yourself into a bed-wetter remember, it will not be something you can turn off when you stay with friends (including boy/girlfriends), go on school trips, and you will have the expense of diapers or the pain of wet sheets to deal with every morning. You say you are 15, so I’m guessing you still live at home with your parents? It will be impossible to hide this from them if you become a bedwetter, and it is also likely that they will take you to see a doctor believing it is a medical condition, so do consider all of that before you embark on this training.

    Finally, if you don’t like the idea of the lengthy training process I suggested above there are some downloadable and purchasable hypnosis tapes which claim they can make you wet the bed (there are lots for bedwetting, diaper and adult baby fetishes on – I don’t know whether hypnosis will work for you, but that is another option you may want to consider.

    Finally, don’t feel like you are a freak of society or anything like that. There are many others like you who have bedwetting fetishes – a quick search on the internet will put you in touch with many websites where you can find like minded individuals. They may be able to help you in your quest to become a bedwetter also.

  • How To Wet The Bed

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How can i train my self to wet the bed?

    im 15, if ur wondering why id like to do this…its because its a fetish thing i had since i was 4. i understand if i weirded u out or if u think im a freak of society :(, but please take some consideration in that im still only human

    9 hours ago – 4 days left

  • I wet the bed last night and it was good I am 51 year old male and I had wet the as a boy tail I was 17 or 18 year old

  • Sorry sweetie, no advice on how to train your self to wet the bed. I can understand that wetting the bed may be a way of self soothing. Kind of like people who suck their thumb. I would encourage you to try to find a more healthy outlet. Maybe take a bath or read a book. Your right, you are only human and we all have our own “weird” quirks about us. So it is no one right to judge you. But wetting the bed at 15 does not seem to be a healthy thing to do.

    Hope you work things out.

    Please know there are many people out there that care about you are there to help.

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  • Your not a freak trust me, there are people out there looking for the same thing including me, theres a lot of hypnosis tapes and stuff online like at but from what I’ve found all of them you have to pay for them unfortunately, but hey dont give up, also look up abdl or tbdl preferably tbdl but be careful because some things in the abdl part can scare you trust me i know >~< but good luck my friend ^u^ hope you find out a to wet the bed

  • You probably can’t unless you wake up and do it purposely. The reason babies and toddlers wet the bed is because their urinary sphincter muscle isn’t well developed enough to be under voluntary control. As the brain and body grow, control over your bladder and bowel control is developed. There are some drugs that cause bedwetting as a side effect, but it would be very difficult to get them for that purpose. The only other idea I have is to consume a LOT of fluids before you go to sleep, but even then, the urge to go will probably wake you up. GHB can lead to bedwetting, but I don’t recommend you use it for that purpose.

  • Ok… i have this fetish too, and i know what you’re talking about. I have a very trained bladder, and i generally can’t accidentally wet myself entirely. Wetting in your sleep is slightly more difficult, because sometimes, if you are TOO desperate, then it may be hard for you to fall asleep.

    but I tried this once, and it worked. i accidentally wet the bed. You can try it too, if it helps.

    Around 7 pm on a Saturday evening, when I was alone at home, I decided to try this. I first covered my bed with plastic sheets, and then covered that with an old bed sheet. I changed into cotton white briefs, a pair of pink cotton shorts and a tank top, Then, I drank a bottle of water, and watched started watching a movie on TV. After half an hour, I felt an urge to pee, but I ignored it. Then, I drank a pint of beer, and ate some popcorn, whilst watching the movie. After half an hour, I drank another pint. I rolled myself a joint of weed to help me relax. By 11 pm, I had smoked 2 joints by myself, and had downed 4 pints of beer, and some orange juice. I was drunk, and had to pee really bad. Since I was very drunk and stoned, I stumbled into bed without going to the loo. I was desperate to pee. I had drank so much, and the beer just kept flowing through. I held myself tightly, went into a fetal position, and squirmed a bit. I was very drunk, and it was hard to focus on holding myself. I didn’t want to pee yet. I dug my hands and clamped myself between my legs. My panties felt a little wet. I had peed a little, while squirming around. However, it wasnt much. Finally, after holding myself and squirming around a little bit, I fell into a drunken sleep. The alcohol helped me fall into a heavy, drunken sleep.

    In the night, I remember dreaming about bathrooms. I dreamed that I was lost in a maze, and I needed to pee so bad, I was looking for the loo all over, In my dream, I was wearing a short pleated skirt and a blouse, and I was so desperate that I could barely walk. With every dribble, I felt pee soaking my panties, and my bladder spasming. Suddenly, as I was walking through the maze, there was a very strong, sharp pain in my bladder and my ladyparts started vibrating and quivering. With every quiver, I felt a hot rush of pee spurt through my panties, soaking my thighs. Unable to take it anymore, I squatted down, still peeing through my underwear, managed to pull it down and peed on the floor. My bladder spasmed, and it hurt, and I just kept peeing continuously for a good 4 minutes. Sweet relief. It was the best feeling ever. My legs were wet and cold.

    Suddenly, I woke up, shivering in my bed. It had been a dream. I looked down. The sheet and the plastic sheet were completely, thoroughly soaked. My shorts were dripping. Even my tank top was wet. My legs were completely soaked, with droplets of pee all over it. I had completely soaked the bed, and by accident.

    It was an amazing feeling. I could feel the warmth and wetness and the desperation throughout my sleep. Alcohol me, try it.

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