how can you contact skittles candy?

i tried the website but it dosent let me contact them

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  • Also consider the following (found by hovering over the Legal link on -- then the Contact Us link).

  • Skittles Contact

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    well they're definitely not good for dogs but i don't think they'll kill him. if ur really worried about the dog's safety u should contact ur local animal control agency or the police. u don't have to give them ur name if u don't want to but they will take u more seriously if u do give them ur name rather than remaining anonymous. what u can do though if ur worried about the owner of the dog finding out that u turned them in, is ask the animal control agency (or the police depending on who u call) to not reveal ur name to the owner. by law they have to respect ur privacy. they'll want a lot of information though so make sure u have the address of the house where the dog is, the owner's name if possible, the conditions the dog is living in, how the other dogs died if u know, how long u've noticed the dog looking hungry, and anything else u can think of that they might want to know. good luck, i hope everything turns out ok for "Skittles". maybe u'll even be able to adopt him if he gets taken away from his owner.

  • Skittles aren't very healthy for people, so I'm sure they aren't good for dogs. 3 or 4 probably won't matter, but quit feeding the dog candy. Also, it's likely that you aren't the only kid feeding this dog junk. Don't feed other people's dogs, that's just common courtesy.

  • Go directly to this site. It has the form to fill out and it should work.

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