How can you peirce your bellybutton with a big safety pin?

I want to peirce my bellybutton with a safety pin because I can't go to a professional. I could really use some help. Please don't tell me about the nerves I could hit or to go to a professional because if I could go, I would; but since I can't, I'm doing it myself.

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  • Not a good idea. It needs to be properly pierced. You also have to have a good innie with a good amount of skin to pierce. Some people cant have bb piercing. It has to be deep enough so that it won't be able to break thru but you can't go too deep or your in for trouble. Do you have any starter earrings that have a pointed tip? Make sure it is clean and at least sanitary. This includes your BB area. It hurts but with a pin???? What are you planning to do after piercing thru, leaving it in? With an earring that is meant to pierce skin, it will have hopefully the correct metal that will not cause a reaction. BB piercing take a long time to heal. A safety pin will snag on your clothes and pull. It hurts!! start at the top. Make sure you have a good reasonably good hunk of skin and put your finger in your belly button to feel where the earring will exit. if it is too close, it might rip, too deep it might not sit right and could be dangerous. Be careful, you cannot be too clean.

    Use a anti-biotic cream or ointment and it is only a couple dollars to get piercing antiseptic. It will be well worth it. Oh you don't have to shove it thru quickly either. Get it right..

    I hope you are old enough and you don't live with your parents. They may not be too happy with you,

    Please don't go for the lip next. My two oldest did and the older ended up taking it out. A scar will be permanent. The second oldest took it out and well, this is gross but it leaks spit.

    Don't use hydrogen peroxide on cuts!!! It is not effective. it tends to expand and detroy the tissues. That comes from a nurse I know. In the States, where I live now. no on uses it for a disinfectant anymore. btw I am Canadian.

    You really shouldn't but if you do. be careful

    Some of these answers people write make for a good laugh.

    WELL are you in JH or HS?


    Source(s): Used to pierce professionally. I pierced my own belly button and ears.
  • 1

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  • Big Safety Pin

  • It is going to hurt.

    Do not use a saftey pin.Saftey pins are not safe to use in an area like that.You want an actual hollow guage needle.It takes a chunk of skin with it to allow for room for the jewelry and room to heal.Were as a safety pin just leaves the flap of skin there, which causes infections and resurfacing of the jewelry.

    There is also no affective way to sterilize a safety pin.So do not run it over fire,alcohol,or boiling water.

    My words to you Are do not use a safty pin.Wait to actually be able to get it done in the shop.

    Source(s): Piecer for 3 years
  • First off, why can't you go to a professional?

    Secondly, you can't. A safety pin isn't as big as any jewelry you'd find so after shoving the safety pin through your belly button (it'll probably start to bleed, especially since you won't know what you're doing) you'll have to force a bigger sized jewelry into the hole where the pin was. I doubt you'd want to deal with that pain.

  • If you're gonna do it yourself watch some youtube videos and see exactly how it's done and you can get the needle from ebay for about $3 on average and pierce it with a needle not a safety pin. But I have seen it done with a safety need to make sure it's clean it run the end of the safety pin through fire...then let it soak in alcohol...wear clean gloves while doing it.

    Source(s): did my research....i'm gonna pierce my own nose very soon.
  • I strongly advise you not to, but it sounds like you are going to do it anyway. So... Boil that pin in some water and then pour some peroxide on it before you pierce. Clean the bellybutton with peroxide too. Make a mark where you want to do it, and push it all the way through really quick. Boil the ring in water too, and use peroxide on that as well. Clean the whole thing with peroxide after you are done... this will sting but you need to do it so it doesn't get infected.

  • don't use a safety pin. if you really can't go to a pro you can buy a piercing kit online for about $22. Just remember it will scar if you ever take it out.

  • What part of forcing a blunt, unsterilised object through yourself sounds like a good idea to you? If you're going to insist on your ridiculous plan, however, at least get a sharp needle and STERILISE it, and use sea-salt soaks to get rid of the infection that you'll no doubt get.


  • We'll thats really stupid. Are you under age? You're risking getting a huge infection and being admitted into the hospital. Your will ruin your belly button in so many ways.

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